200 hour Therapeutic Vinyasa Krama Immersion and Teacher Training

The approach of Therapeutic Vinyasa Krama Yoga is based on the consideration of each students’ experience and how best to develop them in achieving the healthiest version of themselves. Vinayasa Krama is the art and science of sequence design (a step-by-step progression) and fully compliments all aspects of Therapeutic Yoga and Restorative Yoga in accomplishing this goal. It is the intelligent linking or sequencing of asana that constitutes a complete practice that is meant to suit the needs of each individual student.

During Therapeutic Vinayasa Krama training, students will learn how to approach individual practitioners and create effective mixed level classes.  The unique and practical approach to sequencing yoga postures helps teachers learn to create unique sequences for their own body, and through this, learning to create sequences for others. In this training, students learn how to continually evolve yoga practice over time. This training is excellent for actively working yoga teachers who want to be masterful teachers of private instruction, and lead innovative, cutting edge group classes. Understanding how to apply yoga asana to facilitate healing (and how to modify each pose accordingly), is included in this unique approach to physical asana practice. This training is intended to cover everything from the beginner’s level all the way to the most advanced.

Students will be trained to visualize the body as lines of energy, and those lines are seen as both flowing and healthy, or blocked, broken, compressed or otherwise static. Our approach to using asana is done is such a way that the dynamic energetic aspect is considered the dominant, or connecting factor. We focus on bandha (body lock) engagement, activation of proper breathing techniques and the generation of energy. Once the system has sufficient voltage and conductivity, the physical form can be nourished, and change occurs quickly.

Practitioners of this style become accomplished at getting healing results rapidly, using techniques that come from a synthesis of modern and ancient sources, this course embodies the most innovative, state-of-the-art approaches to healing both the body and the mind.

This is a 20 day, 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified course.  Level 1 is the first 100 hours, and level 2 is the second 100 hours.

This program can be completed consecutively, or conveniently organized into Level 1 and Level 2 - 10 days each, depending on what your studio prefers to offer.

Every program is unique, as Rae is continually studying, learning and improving her ability to offer information.  Every course will cover these objectives, and will often include information specific to each student to be studied depending on their individual needs. Upon request, information may be added to the course, making each 200 hour program truly a unique experience.