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Journey through the Chakras - 300/800 Hour Yoga Therapy Certification Courses United Yoga CEU’s 2018

Our 300/800 (CEU) hour program is six courses, 40 hours each where you learn about the energy, information, and physical postures for the 6 chakras.  Part of this course includes a 40 hour Yoga Therapy Sequence Design Immersion.  *You may take these modules in any order.


If you already have completed a 300 or 500 hour certification and are working towards 800 hours you can complete this course, or take each module as CEU’s. (Continuing Education Certification by Yoga Alliance)

To graduate you will spend approximately 20 hours designing a 2-hour class using the information you have learned in all the modules.  


300 hours/or 800 Continuing Education Program

Root Chakra - 40 hours

Sacral Chakra - 40 hours

Solar Chakra - 40 hours

Heart Chakra - 40 hours

Throat Chakra - 40 hours

3rd Eye Chakra - 40 hours

Therapeutic Sequence + Asana Design - 40 hours

Final Project - 20 hours