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United Yoga offers courses, information, practices and experiences that help the individual student realize and unify the limited aspects of self with that which is unlimited.  We believe in offering an inclusive environment and focus much of our teaching on practices in which Yoga nurture and heal people.  When some balancing and healing occurs in the internal space and the life of the student, many realizations about the nature of this world can arise naturally.  United yoga believes in the union of Yoga practitioners, followers and students working together to elevate people's quality of life and of being.

Rae Indigo, ERYT 500, began practicing Hatha Yoga as a child. She has studied yoga asana and yoga philosophy for over 25 years, with 15 years of teaching experience. Her yoga practice was dedicated to healing with asana, and she spent over a decade researching techniques to regrow injured tissues, and bring harmony to the minds of practitioners. She applies energetic anatomy, mind science, internal practices, and architecture of form in unique combinations depending on the needs of individual clients, with rapid results in all areas of life.

Rae also studied martial arts for 25 years, and developed her own Yoga and Movement Arts school integrating the underlying principles of alignment, energy generation, control and awareness practices from both Yoga and Martial Arts. Within the underlying forms of each, she uncovered powerful unifying concepts, and methodically documented these practices into her own complete system of Therapeutic Vinyasa Krama. <continue reading>

You can know more of Rae by reading her blog HERE

Lara Vicich, is a Yogi, and a Yoga Teacher who works to bring the practices of meditation and lifestyle awareness to the world. Lara was a dentist by trade, as well as TV host in a health oriented show called “Siete Vidas”.  She began yoga in 2001, and studied under Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Art of Living Foundation, and Bikram Choudhury with Hot Yoga. The transformative effects of Yoga Life Science inspired her to merge her media and business savvy with her scientific background creating a formidable career in the worldwide communication of Yoga. Currently, Lara is Director of International Operations United Yoga School.

Lara coordinates and supervises all United Yoga School’s Teacher Training programs and developmental lifestyle courses, and retreats. She is responsible for overseeing marketing campaigns, building international infrastructures and administration of United Yoga World Campus that provides seminars from graduates and alumni.
She is part of the development team that brings out the best in the UYS teaching staff.  She interviews and assists in bringing yoga teachers to their most effective version of themselves.  Lara brings a creative spice and joy of life to everything she touches, and UYS is blessed by her commitment and dedication.

Alex Issaev, an eloquent teacher and focused student of movement arts, Alex began his training in Martial Arts at age 13.  He has studied Kung Fu, Qigong, Yoga and Tai Chi for over 15 years.  After shattering his foot during training, he began studying the therapeutic healing arts, which are a large part of yoga and martial arts.  He has since rehabilitated many injuries using Therapeutic Yoga and Chi Gong, and offers these insights during his teacher training programs.

His first yoga teachers were Kino Macgregor and Tim Miller at Miami Life Center, where he studied Ashtanga Vinyasa.  After learning Ashtanga, he pursued education with teachers of sequence design and internal yogas.  He finished a 500 hour certification with United Yoga School, and completed Andrey Lappa’s level 1 and level 2 certification program.

Alex is known for his charisma and kindness, introducing students to advanced concepts and practices in the most simple and accessible ways.  He is also a student of the shamanic arts, and brings dignity, intelligence and mysticism to everything he touches.  United Yoga School is honored to have him contributing to the communication of Internal and Movement Arts all around the world.

Dominic-3 copy.jpg

 Dominic Abplanalp grew up in the Bernese Oberland and developed an early interest in nature - and movement in nature.

He deepened his knowledge of nature and its processes in his physics studies and satisfied his thirst for movement with various sports: skiing, mountaineering, climbing, slacklining and bouldering.

A few years ago he started practicing yoga, initially sporadically, but soon with greater dedication and increasing intensity, fascinated by the challenges and relaxation that came from yoga practice.

Dominic has been deepening his yoga practice for years in workshops and teacher trainings, trying in each case undogmatically to take with him the elements that work from his point of view. His teaching style is precise, calm and grounded, supported by his inner balance and relaxed attitude. His lessons are challenging and often somewhat athletic, but can also be very gentle and relaxing. The pace of the lessons is rather moderate so that there is enough time for alignment in the asanas.