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Lima, Perú - The Awakened Path, Karmic wisdom course

  • United Yoga Jirón Cajamarca 404, Barranco Lima Peru (map)

What is Internal Well-being?

The science of unlocking the force of creation within us.

Internal well-being is the ability to live life in a joyous state, instead of in a state of worry, nervousness, anxiety, fear or depression.  We learn how to not cause internal frictions, thus freeing up a tremendous amount of energy that is wasted within our internal monologue.

We must wash ourselves not just on the outside, but on the inside as well.

When we are upset, or disturbed, what is it that is causing us to feel that way?  Let’s look at anger.  Anger usually arises when someone crosses a personal boundary.  Then, we can either take action to resolve the issue, or there is nothing we can do.  But what does the thinking mind and emotions do?  Whether we can effect the situation or not, usually the habit of thinking again and again keeps arising, and we actually feed the anger, feed the emotions from our memories and from our imagination.

When we do internal practices, we learn a scientific method to transform the habits of the mind. Instead of identifying with a story, we witness life as it is, and consciously construct our inner world and external world, unlocking the force of creation itself within us.

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