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Lima, PERU - Journey through the Chakras, Throat & 3rd Eye Chakra

  • United Yoga Studio 404 Cajamarca Cercado de Lima, Municipalidad Metropolitana de Lima, 15063 Peru (map)

Journey through the Chakras - 300/800 Hour Yoga Therapy Certification Courses

United Yoga CEU’s 2018

Our 300/800 (CEU) hour program is six courses, 40 hours each where you learn about the energy, information, and physical postures for the 6 chakras.  Part of this course includes a 40 hour Yoga Therapy Sequence Design Immersion.  *You may take these modules in any order.

If you already have completed a 300 or 500 hour certification and are working towards 800 hours you can complete this course, or take each module as CEU’s. (Continuing Education Certification by Yoga Alliance)

To graduate you will spend approximately 20 hours designing a 2-hour class using the information you have learned in all the modules.  

Throat Chakra - Therapeutic Yoga Course / Accredited 40 CEU

DATES: November 28th till December 1st

Healing Asana Kriyas + Healing Stones

The ability to move beyond space and time, beyond cultural and family conditioning and see what is true is developed in this chakra.  People think this is about being more creative, but this energy center is about building life on a foundation of truth.  When you know truth beyond conditionings, your ability to manifest becomes incredibly powerful.  This is the chakra of powerful people.   When this energy center is balanced, and informed by the strength of lower chakras, a truly empowered person emerges.  

If you want to become powerful, know the truth behind the veil.

What happens when the throat chakra is imbalanced?

·        Fear of speaking

·        Inconsistency in speech and action

·        Inability to express thoughts

·        Shame

·        Overeating, smoking, alcohol

·        Social anxiety

·        Inhibited creativity

·        Stubbornness

·        Detachment

Are you afraid of being ridiculed and judged? Do you have difficulty realizing the truth in situations?  When this chakra is unhealthy life can feel like every social situation is full of anxiety, and you are not able to find yourself, let alone be yourself.

When energy flows freely in the throat chakra you easily find yourself and the correct words to express yourself.  You clearly see situations for what they are and understand how to respond.  Public speaking is comfortable, and you feel comfortable and confident in social situations.  You will also feel in touch with your intuitive self, and more subtle realms of self-consciousness.  Your sense of timing in life will have a relaxed and alert rhythm.  Creativity, a sense of purpose in all that you do, and a connection with spirit are signs of a healthy throat chakra.


This course explores:

·        Throat Yoga Asanas + Adjustments

·        Altar & meditation creation for your everyday sadhana

·        Throat healing crystals

·        Sacred herbs & smudging

·        Yantras for expanding

·        Mantras

Each participant will receive healing crystals, altar symbols, sacred herbs, and mantras as part of the course.  Full instruction in the ceremonial use for each will be given.

3rd Eye Chakra - Therapeutic Yoga Course / Accredited 40 CEU

December 1st till the 5th

Healing Asana + Kriyas + Healing Stones

To know is to be free.  What is unseen for most of humanity, can be seen when you enhance your perceptions.  People think this chakra is just about having visions.  This chakra is about seeing life beyond the normal limitations of your perception.  You can cut through illusion and access deeper truths.  The whole spiritual process is fundamentally to move your perception from a limited physical reality to a higher plane of existence.  When your 3rd eye is open and on, you develop both inner and outer clarity.  You can see your inner landscape and find peace.  You can understand your external landscape and design a life you love.

What happens when the 3rd eye chakra is imbalanced?

·        Delusion

·        Mental fog

·        Difficulty seeing interconnectedness

·        Difficulty learning new skills

·        Depression

·        Addictive behavior

·        Memory

·        Living in a fantasy world

·        Exhausting flow of thoughts

·        Insomnia

·        Sinus problems

·        Headaches

Do you find it hard to feel interconnectedness?  Do you often find yourself lost in daydreams and then in a mental fog?  When this chakra is unhealthy, the mind will jump from fantasies, to exhaustion, without any clarity on the external and internal worlds.  

When the 3rd eye is balanced, you see everything clearly.  You function and make decisions with a sense of neutrality.  This means you are concerned, but not attached, to any single outcome.  You can be highly focused and make a distinction between reality and imagination.

This course explores:

·        Purifying Yoga Asanas + Adjustments

·        Altar & meditation creation

·        3rd eye healing crystals

·        Sacred herbs & smudging

·        Yantras for clarity

·        Wisdom mantras

Each participant will receive healing crystals, altar symbols, sacred herbs, and mantras as part of the course.  Full instruction in the ceremonial use for each will be given.

Fundamentally, any spiritual path is a journey from root to crown chakra.  This journey is an evolution from one dimension to another.  Each chakra is one of seven different levels of intensity, vibration and experience.

A chakra is a crossroad of several energy channels.  Each crossroad provides unique information on the physical, energetic and mental bodies.  When the chakras are balanced, we clearly understand and move through life.  When imbalanced, all kinds of confusions arise.

If you do not know how to keep the nature of your consciousness healthy, how will you keep your system well?  You will function by accident, by luck, and crash the moment difficulty and troubles arise.

Learn to direct your system first to stability, and peace, and then to joy and ecstasy!