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Lima, PERU - Journey through the Chakras, root & Sacral Chakra

  • United Yoga Studio 404 Cajamarca Cercado de Lima, Municipalidad Metropolitana de Lima, 15063 Peru (map)

Journey through the Chakras

300/800 Hour Yoga Therapy Certification Courses United Yoga CEU’s 2018

If you already have completed a 300 or 500 hour certification and are working towards 800 hours you can complete this course, or take each module as CEU’s. (Continuing Education Certification by Yoga Alliance)

To graduate you will spend approximately 20 hours designing a 2-hour class using the information you have learned in all the modules.  

Root Chakra April 18th till the 21st / Accredited 40 CEU

Healing Asana + Kriyas + Healing Stones

Your root chakra is the foundation of the energy body.  People think this is the lowest chakra, and want to focus on more popular chakras.  But anyone who thinks the foundation is something we need not take care of is living in illusion.  The foundation is the most important thing.  Grounding is a very healing practice.

If you want flowers to bloom, nourish the root.

What happens when the root chakra is imbalanced?

·        Insecurity

·        Stress

·        Eating disorders

·        Imbalanced hormones

·        Illusion

·        Living in survival mode constantly

·        Fear

Do you find it hard to feel safe in the world? When this chakra is, unhealthy everything looks like a potential risk.  

The desire for security dominates and can translate into concerns over the job situation, physical safety, shelter, health.  A blocked root chakra may turn into behaviors ruled mainly by fear.  The root chakra’s frequency is based on the earth element.  Safety, support and grounding. This chakra exists as a cone of energy starting at the base of the spine downward, and provides information about.  The root chakra is where we ground and anchor our energy into the manifest world.

This course explores:

·        Earth Yoga Asanas + Adjustments for each posture

·        Altar & meditation creation for every day sadhana

·        Healing crystals of this specific chakra

·        Sacred herbs & smudging

·        Yantras for nourishing root

·        Grounding mantras

Each participant will receive healing crystals, altar symbols, sacred herbs, and mantras as part of the course.  Full instruction in the ceremonial use for each will be given.

Sacral Chakra, April 21st till the 25th / Accredited 40 CEU

Healing Asana + Kriyas + Healing Stones

Your sacral chakra is the source of creative, fluid energy.  People think this is just about sex, but this playful energy can be directed in many ways.  The way this chakra moves depends on what you do with yourself.  Once it is flowing and alive, you will have creativity and energy flowing like a wellspring.  But anyone who thinks the sacral chakra energy is just about sex will be surprised at how this energy can be channeled.

What happens when the sacral chakra is imbalanced?

·        Guilt

·        Shyness

·        Addiction

·        Frigidity, denial

·        Loneliness

·        Lack of energy

·        Lack of playfulness

Do you find it hard to be playful in the world?  When this chakra is unhealthy, every experience feels like self-denial or indulgence.  The ability to give and receive in the dance of life is broken, and much energy is wasted in the wrong ways.  

Balancing this chakra brings healthy partnerships, and a youthful energy for life.  Physically the skin will become exuberant, with rosy cheeks and relaxed open smile.  Enjoyment of the physical world, and pleasure will arise.

This 4-day course explores:

·        Water Yoga Asanas + Adjustments

·        Altar & meditation creation

·        Shakti healing crystals

·        Sacred herbs & smudging

·        Yantras for vital force

·        Kundalini mantras

Each participant will receive healing crystals, altar symbols, sacred herbs, and mantras as part of the course.  Full instruction in the ceremonial use for each will be given.


Fundamentally, any spiritual path is a journey from root to crown chakra.  This journey is an evolution from one dimension to another.  Each chakra is one of seven different levels of intensity, vibration and experience.

A chakra is a crossroad of several energy channels.  Each crossroad provides unique information on the physical, energetic and mental bodies.  When the chakras are balanced, we clearly understand and move through life.  When imbalanced, all kinds of confusions arise.

If you do not know how to keep the nature of your consciousness healthy, how will you keep your system well?  You will function by accident, by luck, and crash the moment difficulty and troubles arise.

Learn to direct your system first to stability, and peace, and then to joy and ecstasy!


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