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Lima, PERU - Journey through the Chakras, Solar & Heart Chakras

  • United Yoga Studio 404 Cajamarca Cercado de Lima, Municipalidad Metropolitana de Lima, 15063 Peru (map)

Journey through the Chakras 300/800 Hour Yoga Therapy Certification Courses

United Yoga CEU’s 2018

Our 300/800 (CEU) hour program is six courses, 40 hours each where you learn about the energy, information, and physical postures for the 6 chakras.  Part of this course includes a 40 hour Yoga Therapy Sequence Design Immersion.   *You may take these modules in any order.

If you already have completed a 300 or 500 hour certification and are working towards 800 hours you can complete this course, or take each module as CEU’s. (Continuing Education Certification by Yoga Alliance)

To graduate you will spend approximately 20 hours designing a 2-hour class using the information you have learned in all the modules.  

Solar Chakra  - Therapeutic Yoga Course / Accredited 40 CEU

DATES: August 29th till September 1st

Healing Asana + Kriyas + Healing Stones

Your solar chakra is the star of your energy system.  People think this is just about will power, but just like the sun in the solar system, the energy of this chakra works by bending the universe into an orbit.  A clear magnetism, not just unified action but radiant power is the energy of this psychic-emotional information center.  Anyone who thinks the sun is forceful needs to rethink what it means to shine so bright the whole universe becomes illuminated.

If you want to be active in the world, illuminate the path in front of you and walk with confidence.

What happens when the solar chakra is imbalanced?

·        No clarity of choice

·        A talent for making excuses

·        Lack of self-confidence

·        Shame

·        Feeling disempowered

·        Failure in career

·        Competitiveness

Do you find it hard to feel empowered in the world? When this chakra is unhealthy, making decisions even about simple things will be hard.  Laziness can be transformed into focused and consistent effort here.

The solar chakra is the “city of jewels”.  Here we find the pearls of clarity, wisdom, self-confidence and wellbeing.  This luster radiates down to the lower chakras, and up into the heart chakra.  Feelings of love and happiness felt in the heart originates here and rise higher to a deeper blossoming.  Passion becomes pure love, prejudice and aversion become respect and understanding when the light of this energy center shines in clarity.  When we gain self-awareness, pride and jealousy change to modesty and generosity.

This course explores:

·        Solar Yoga Asanas + Adjustments

·        Altar & meditation creation for your everyday sadhana

·        Solar healing crystals

·        Sacred herbs & smudging

·        Yantras for increasing will intensity

·        Solar mantras

Each participant will receive healing crystals, altar symbols, sacred herbs, and mantras as part of the course.  Full instruction in the ceremonial use for each will be given.

Heart Chakra - Therapeutic Yoga Course / Accredited 40 CEU

DATES: September 1st till 5th

Healing Asana + Kriyas + Healing Stones

The transition between the lower energy centers, to the upper energy centers happens in the heart chakra.  People think this is about being more loving, but what is happening here is a meeting of the upper triangle and lower triangle of energy and we can create an expanded field of benefaction.  A much bigger blossoming can happen here than most people even imagine.  Liberation of a being from survival-based modes of experience to a conscious expansion of the limited self-arises here, and is eventually fully developed once all the chakras come together meet in the middle unifying the consciousness.    

If you want to move beyond the little self, the place where all worlds unify is in the heart.

What happens when the heart chakra is imbalanced?

·        Feeling unworthy/unloved

·        Inability to forgive

·        Manipulation of people and situations

·        Loving only when conditions are met

·        Feeling unappreciated

·        Blood pressure issues

·        Co-dependency

Do you manipulate situations to get your emotional needs met?  Are you always keeping track of what people do and say and apply too much harsh judgement?  When this chakra is, unhealthy life can feel like an equation of how much you give vs. how much you get.  

The desire to cling to emotions, to calculate situations dominates and can translate into concerns over romance, family and friendship relationships.  A blocked or overactive heart chakra may have feelings of shyness, loneliness, or an inability to forgive.   Lacking empathy, many people tumble through life only giving love in a selfish manner, called conditional love.  Underneath all the personal stories and dramas resides the vast experience of unconditional love.  The heart chakra’s frequency is based on the air element.  Like a deep breath of fresh air, we can forgive injury to the little self, and expand our breath to the entirety of creation.

This course explores:

·        Heart Yoga Asanas + Adjustments

·        Altar & meditation creation for your everyday sadhana

·        Heart healing crystals

·        Sacred herbs & smudging

·        Yantras for expanding heart

·        Compassion mantras

Each participant will receive healing crystals, altar symbols, sacred herbs, and mantras as part of the course.  Full instruction in the ceremonial use for each will be given.

Fundamentally, any spiritual path is a journey from root to crown chakra.  This journey is an evolution from one dimension to another.  Each chakra is one of seven different levels of intensity, vibration and experience.

A chakra is a crossroad of several energy channels.  Each crossroad provides unique information on the physical, energetic and mental bodies.  When the chakras are balanced, we clearly understand and move through life.  When imbalanced, all kinds of confusions arise.

If you do not know how to keep the nature of your consciousness healthy, how will you keep your system well?  You will function by accident, by luck, and crash the moment difficulty and troubles arise.

Learn to direct your system first to stability, and peace, and then to joy and ecstasy!