Rae is the light in darkness.

When I met Rae Indigo I had years practicing Yoga; Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa. I was able to evolve in my practice and I was clear that Yoga was my path to find happiness. Rae in one year was able to make that possible.
Rae is the light in darkness; she is a warrior of light, a generous and brilliant teacher and an incredible person.
She has the energy, the knowledge, the intuition, the courage, the grace, the patience and love that we need to be able to create transformation and freedom in all of the students. She makes possible that the old and sometimes difficult concepts of yoga become accessible, with a teaching methodology that makes all of it clear. With real stories; with questions and answers that are clear and applicable on the mat and on the daily life.

The Asana practice is not more tan the door toward our internal self, to help us in our search and finding this vast world inside of us.
Rae Indigo was our star, the guide towards that inner self.
First starting with the physical body with alignment and energetic anatomy and how to recognize the electricity and potential it in us. Then we worked on our mind level with our thoughts, emotions, reactions and our negative habitual patterns. One and several times she taught us to come back to the present, to eliminate all of what is not letting us evolve and move on, she taught us how to meditate in the mat and outside of the mat.
We learned mind science to transform or thoughts and emotions and change our reactions. We are capable of changing our own reality all the time.
Thank you Rae eternally. José Ojesto.

janine costa