Great teacher, great human being.

I could just say that she was my yoga teacher and that’s it, but I would be not being sincere.
2 years ago unexpectedly I got a grant to take my first 200 hours Vinyasa krama Yoga certification. That is how I met one of the most strong and inspiring women in my life. She taught me several and most important things in my life that I still remember every day in my practice and in my mind. She guide me to see what I did not what to see and be conscious. Sometimes we find people in our path that guides us to the light, that was always there but where incapable of seeing it.
Her way of teaching, her way of approaching you, and the way her words resonant in your inner self as absolute truth.
Great teacher, great human being.
If you are looking for answers and to align in your inner self and expand your knowledge as a student or a teacher I can recommend Rae and United Yoga Training’s 100%. Nina Bossa.

janine costa